Chesapeake Smart Energy Solutions, LLC is an authorized service provider for the HVAC Energy Efficiency Evaluation Program for Delmarva. Delmarva Power is a unit of Exelon Corporation, which is the leaving energy provider in Maryland. Delmarva is known for its safe and reliable energy services, lighting the houses of as many as 532,000 customers in Delaware and Maryland. Moreover, they have at least 136,000 natural gas consumers in northern Delaware.

Why You Need Frequent Tune-Ups

Delmarva is a very reliable energy provider, and you may be thinking that the HVAC equipment associated with Delmarva Power wouldn’t need tune-ups. However, regular tune-ups are what makes any HVAC equipment work optimally and offer efficient services all-year long. Frequent tune-ups and cleanings offer you a professional inspection where trained professionals conduct a thorough examination of your equipment to see if it has any damages or wear and tear.  Unseen damages can cause serious accidents and harm the life of your loved ones. Therefore, a thorough inspection and tune-up is necessary for keeping a safe and optimized HVAC System.

Delmarva HVAC Tune-up Worcester, Wicomico, Dorchester, Sussex, Talbot, Somerset, Kent & Queen Anne’s

To get started with your Delmarva HVAC tune-up in Baltimore County, have your business contact information at hand, as well as your energy company account number. Moreover, fill up and sign your Delmarva Terms and Conditions form. Then, fill up your HVAC equipment worksheet and attach both the worksheet and terms and conditions form to send it to Chesapeake Energy for pre-approval. Our HVAC Tune-ups provide you a minimum System Effective Efficiency (SEE) of 85% as confirmed by post-testing.

Benefits You Can Get With Chesapeake Energy

Since our tune-ups give you an 85% efficiency, you will be able to get a smooth and consistent environment at your residential or commercial building. If you have been experiencing cool and hot ‘patches’, it is likely because of an inefficient HVAC system. This ruins the entire experience of your business or home. Our tune-up can find any inconsistencies and rectify them to give you a more comfortable and consistent environment. You will have a happy customer following and a happy family at home with an efficient HVAC system! Moreover, out tune-ups will keep your system safe and free from frequent repairs. Limited repairs and an efficient system will help you in saving costs in the long-run. To receive our Delmarva HVAC Tune-up in the state of Maryland, call us at 800-712-4650 or email your queries at

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