Chesapeake Smart Energy Solutions offers HVAC Tune-ups for SMECO consumers. SMECO or Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative is an electric distribution cooperative headquartered in Hughesville, Maryland. SMECO provides utilities to approximately 161,000 consumers in Charles, Prince George’s, St. Mary’s and Calvert counties of southern Maryland. Chesapeake Energy is an authorized HVAC Tune-up service provider for SMECO consumers. We offer HVAC incentives in the form of enhanced unitary HVAC energy efficiency service to SMECO consumers. To receive our HVAC incentives, follow these steps:

Receive SMECO HVAC Tune-Up in Charles, St. Mary’s, Calvert & Prince George’s County

Tune-ups are very important for your HVAC equipment to ensure that it is working properly and safely. Moreover, the regular cleaning and maintenance helps the equipment maintain its efficiency. If you are looking for SMECO HVAC tune-up in Prince George’s county, have your business contact information available, along with your energy company account number. Next, fill out your SMECO terms and conditions form and our HVAC equipment worksheet. Then fill out our inquiry form and send all of these documents to Chesapeake Energy for pre-approval. Our tune-ups help you achieve a minimum of System Effective Efficiency (SEE) of 85% as tested in post testing.

Why Choose Chesapeake Energy For Your SMECO HVAC Tune-ups

Chesapeake Energy incorporates the best technology for your HVAC tune-ups and hire the best professionals for the job. You will receive excellent customer service with a complete walk-through of the processes we’re doing during tune-ups. Our tune-ups will not only increase your HVAC efficiency, but provide you with less frequent repairs. With an efficient HVAC system, you will get rid of any cool and hot ‘patches’ in your property and have a consistent environment all season long. Moreover, our professionals will clean out the air filters as well that will result in more pure air inside your home or business. The air quality inside your home or business will improve and you will be able to provide a healthy environment to your family or customers. Save your costs with Chesapeake’s SMECO HVAC Tune-ups in Baltimore County! With regular maintenance and tune-ups, you will not have breakdowns and won’t need repair work. This will save you repair costs in the long run, which you can utilize for your home’s wellbeing as well as your business.

Get HVAC Tune-ups With Chesapeake!

Get your HVAC Tune-up from Chesapeake with the above-mentioned method. If you’re having difficulty doing so, call us at 800-712-4650 or send us an email at for our assistance.

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